History of Indian Ethnic Wear

    by Manthan Thummar on Feb 06, 2023

    India is a land of traditions with a rich cultural heritage. Each culture has its own set of traditional outfits. Indian traditional wear also finds its roots in countries’ centuries-old culture. The history of clothing goes back to the 5th Millenium BC during the Indus valley civilization, where people mainly wore clothing made from locally grown cotton. The present-day knowledge on the evolution of Indian clothing comes from the sculptures, paintings, and other human art-forms found in ancient cave monuments.

    Indian fashion saw its first rise in the 1980s supported by few designers. However, with the economic boom and exposure to global fashion, Indian fashion saw a rise in the 1990s. Now the Indian fashion industry has strongly established itself. Indian fashion designers have made their mark in the industry with ‘Indian Couture Weeks’ showcasing the latest trends in all kinds of Indian Ethnic Wear along with wedding sarees in traditional weaves, and unique draping styles, a trendy and elegant range of Saree.

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